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2023-02-28 at 09:09 - comment by Arie

I also skied Sandy McNabb on Monday. It was a beautiful sunny day, but the skiing conditions were challenging, as Ray explained. The refrozen snow was abrasive and I had to reapply wax every few km. I did walk a few of the steeper downhills on Pine Ridge.
I broke trail for a short ways up Sheep, going west in the meadows below the paved road. The snow there was still mostly powderdy.

2023-02-27 at 18:07 - comment by Diana Piggott

Thank you for the report, Ray. I was thinking about going there today, but after the warm sun yesterday I feared it might be a bit icy. Finding good conditions there is a rare delight!

Sandy McNabb - Macabee Loop - Pine Ridge Loop

Report Submitted by Ray Yong
(trip) Date: Monday Feb 27, 2023

Submitted: Monday Feb 27, 2023 at 15:43




Since I've never been to Sandy McNabb, I figured I'd better get there while there's still snow. I started skiing at 0900, temp was about -15. Tracks were hard packed, with just a skiff of fresh snow to give enough grip. Overall the trails are in good condition, but there are icy spots, and the steep descents were very hard, narrow, irregular, and fast. I was on my skin skis, and really, really wished for metal edges a few times. I added a couple of bath tubs on the Pine Ridge descent. I had three plans for descending - a) descend controlled; b) fall; c) hit a tree. Option a didn't work out as planned, so option b was used a couple of times in lieu of option c...

All in all a fun, if at times, nerve wracking, morning.


At the picnic table on Pine Ridge

Pine Ridge loop


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