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2023-03-17 at 22:44 - comment by MaSid

Mmmmm……chocolate sandwiches! I prefer that type without crust. Thanks for adding more bodies to the west elk track, twice! Good to go for all skis now.

Elk Lakes on a special day

Report Submitted by ulrikeski
(trip) Date: Friday Mar 17, 2023

Submitted: Friday Mar 17, 2023 at 22:10


Me, Gary


Our fantastic day started with -17C at Elk Pass trailhead. Nice tracks for the hill climb warmed us quickly. Thanks to the trailbreaker who broke a good trail through West Elk Pass, stunning views from the snowfa spot; when we reached the powerline we were hoping for some soft snow for the descend to Elk Lakes, but not much luck, it was mostly sun crust; Gary followed the road down, which was easier; I persevered with traverses adnd cautious turns on my LT gear. At the cabin we met a nice couple who were departing and told us that there was a broken trail to Upper Elk Lake. Wow, it was worth the extra time! What a spectacular spot! We retraced our route through the shaded forest back to the cabin; then continued on the ski track following the road uphill; easy gradient so worked well with wax, sun was full on. Back to West Elk Pass followed by the fun finish double poling out on the ski trails.
addendum: no special condiments for lunch at the cabin, but tasty chocolate for the special day. It was Steve R's special day too!

Upper Elk Lake scenery

Shall I trust this crust?

rest time at snowfa


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