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2021-11-30 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

A comment to Chuck's comment

Chuck, it was good of you not to show the most spectacular side of the valley in your photo in order to give people something to be amazed at when they first arrive there.

Just before dark 30, the area shown in your photo had a fog developing and rising off the river (I assume) which was really cool to see.

I could not cross the Pipestone River to ski the meadow due to thin and slushy ice. The recent snowfall seemed to help build slushy ice along the banks of the river.

On Friday there was one section of the river where the river flowed over ice, it was a beautiful green/turquoise color which I had never seen before. When I skied by again on Monday, it turned to a brownish green. The pineapple express snow included billions of snow flees(?)and other bugs along with 1 moth on the ski trail. Perhaps they changed the color of the ice on the river. They sure made a mess of my skis.

2021-11-30 - comment by Chuck

Always an interesting read.
Glad you figured out how to report, and even more glad that you have broken a trail to the Meadow along the horse trail.
Attaching a photo so others know where you got to... before dark!
Stay safe.

2021-11-30 - comment by coffeecup

Sounds like a fun trip ;)


Report Submitted by DEMOCRATIZE AB
(trip) Date: Monday Nov 29, 2021

Submitted: Monday Nov 29, 2021




Pipestone Blue 20 had some fresh snow this morning, covering yesterdays tracks. Since Friday's tracksetting, up to 20 cm has fallen in some areas on the trail, with some light rain.

I re-broke the Pipestone Horse/Backpacking trail right up to the beautiful Point Meadows. I broke a ski pole right in front of an animal camera around the 2km trail mark. Using medical tape and some sticks I quasi fixed the pole and kept poling up valley gently. Ski penetration on my old trail was boot top once again with a crust layer. Once I passed my Friday trail breaking the ski penetration was on average about 1/2 way up the boots. Trail breaking was moderate difficulty with very wet snow which knocked me out of my bindings about 20 times which I have never experience before with such frequency.

After doing some yodeling and enjoying the fine views of Point Meadows, I skied out as it was getting dark. My ski pole broke again shortly after leaving and I had to ski out with one pole 1/3 short. Gong up hill was like an Abbot and Costello show. Skiing coming out on my trail was moderate-fast and fun even with one good pole with the exception of the hill climbs. That really slowed things down.

I broke the strap holder on my other pole somehow. I had to jam a stick in between the straps to keep on going. That worked flawlessly.

The Blue 20 trail was fast and well tracked with spring like conditions at night. There are no less than 6 fallen trees on the Blue 20 Pipestone trackset trail. All are easy to get around. The lower part of the trail has been hammered by dogs and hikers. Lots of widow makers are hanging over the trail in some places, ready to snap.

Be aware of snow bombs falling out of trees. There is a lot of wet snow and slush in the trees which can come down in warm sunlight conditions or wind. You could get squashed like a pancake if you are not looking up and being careful Some snow bombs weigh likely 50 kilos and they can snap your neck as fast as you can snap your fingers.

To be posted on Skier Bob as well.


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