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2023-05-04 at 07:07 - comment by Gord F

Thanks Mike. I noticed the Combi boot category but I don't know anything about those boots. I've decided to wait until fall so I can actually try on a few models and I'll make sure to check out the Combi boots when I do. Cheers.

2023-05-03 at 23:07 - comment by Mike W

If you're looking for NNN boots that provide more support than Classic boots, look for Combi (aka Universal) boots. They provide more ankle support than Classic boots, but are not as stiff as Skate boots - https://nordicskater.com/pages/boot-buying-guide .

I bought a pair of Madshus Endurace Universal boots this past winter, and they perform great - https://madshus.com/en-ca/p/endurace-universal-ski-boots-2023 . A few design flaws like most boots: The laces are flimsy so I replaced them with sturdier ones. The ankle cuff and rivets abrade against the boot fabric, so I put some duct tape on them.

2023-05-03 at 11:03 - comment by Gord F

Thanks Steve. Likely I'll have to wait until fall so I can actually try on a few different brands. I bought the skis and bindings online out of Quebec City but am more hesitant to buy online boots.

2023-05-03 at 09:41 - comment by SteveR

Jo and I were both happy with our older Salomon Escape (M)/Vitane(W) Plus boots, and replaced those two weeks ago with the same model. New boots were needed as hers were beginning to come apart at one of the seams, and mine had a crack across one sole that was discovered on our final day of track skiing nearly a month ago. Despite the issues, we felt that the lifespan through 7 years of frequent use (40-50 days a season on track and 60-50-55 light 3/4 metal edged skis) was very reasonable, and they fit (us!). Don't have much to compare with for fit- they are a wee bit wider than my Alpina NNN-BC 1550 boots, and are good for my wide feet. As a side note- this also meant 4 new pairs of bindings as our older, now incompatible Salomon Pilot system is no longer made. I'd add that you can't expect the same level of support compared to NNN-BC for more rugged off-trail, as the Escapes (like most other xc boots) feel like running shoes compared to the more burly NNN-BC boots. Having said that, I used my old Escapes successfully on things like the Elk Passes circuit, for instance.

Ski Boot Advice

Report Submitted by Gord F
(trip) Date: Wednesday May 03, 2023

Submitted: Wednesday May 03, 2023 at 08:08


Nancy and I


We decided to update our xc gear and so we purchased Madshus Fjelltech metal-edged skin skis and Rottefella Move Switch bindings.
Now we're considering which xc boots to buy. Our old gear is NNN-BC so the boots are incompatible with the new bindings which are NNN.
We're looking at Rossignol, Saloman, Alpina and Madshus NNN boots but there are so many models and not much useful advice online.
We're hoping the collective experience of this group could provide some insight into which boots to buy. Thanks.

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