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2021-12-01 - comment by Sophie

Such important information Bob.
Keep sharing!

2021-12-01 - comment by Chip Scialfa

Thanks for posting this, Bob. I think it important for all skiers to know that avalanches can occur in places they might not expect, particularly when the risk level is high, as it is currently. There are slide paths in PLPP, for example. Risk increases greatly with significant snow (>20 cm/24 hrs), in heavy snow and when strong winds have moved the snow around. So, it makes sense to learn a little about avalanche safety. Perhaps at a minimum, look at the avalanch.ca website. There are several good on-line resources there

Are avalanches possible on groomed ski trails?

Report Submitted by Bob Truman
(trip) Date: Wednesday Dec 01, 2021

Submitted: Wednesday Dec 01, 2021


Avalanche risk is extreme in Banff/Yoho/Kootenay and high in Kananaskis today. Avalanches on groomed ski trails are rare occurrences, but they do happen occasionally. Click on the link provided above to read about locations where avalanches have occurred.

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