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2021-12-05 - comment by Chuck

Hey James,
Not seen... not wanted to be seen!

2021-12-04 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

Howdy Chuck,

Was the double headed snowman still in the middle of the trail or did it get knocked down?

If the trail groomer turned it into a chainsaw massacre, he would have gotten rid of it quicker than using a shovel or an axe as I had previously suggested on my Skier Bob report a couple of weeks back.

REDEARTH - Snowmobile Packed and Skier Tracked

Report Submitted by Chuck
(trip) Date: Friday Dec 03, 2021

Submitted: Friday Dec 03, 2021


Another great option for the weekend... away from the crowds.
The Banff tracksetter has done a lot of work here, removing a number of huge trees down across the trail, and packing it to RE6.
Surprisingly, the new snow seemed to get thinner the higher we got, until it became dust on crust beyond the 6 km campsite at Lost Horse Creek.
Stay warm out there!

Someone else got here first!

Of course we started with checking avalanche .ca

Sometimes it's best to let the better half go first!

Love this new bridge, with it's gentle ramp... Thanks

Packed trail ends here at the 6 km Lost Horse Creek Campground

Guess what... a new Outhouse too!


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