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2021-12-10 - comment by Alorgen70

One of the problems with the Kananaskis Pass has been that they didn't think through the process for disbursing the revenue.That needs to be worked on.It raised a lot of unrealistic expectations in the public because everybody thinks their pet project should be funded.

If you are concerned, contact your elected representative and detail your thoughts. Don't be rude, that isn't going to help.

I am hoping that in the next year they will figure out transparent and equitable means for spending the money.

In the mean time I am continuing to donate to Bragg Creek Trails as they do a great job.

2021-12-10 - comment by Jan

The important point is that BCT and the other volunteer organizations working in K Country still need our donations. Please consider donating.

2021-12-10 - comment by SkierRoger


I've recently seen some unacceptable content within the comments section of this website. Some comments have carried an inappropriate tone or language.

We are all entitled to our opinions but, on this site, they must be expressed in a professional manner. There may be a need to discuss current governmental policies which relate to XC skiing, however those discussions must be respectful to both readers and leaders.

2021-12-09 - comment by FollowYourHeart

Typical UCP bullshit, grant McLean Creek an exemption from a park pass for ATV's tearing up the environment yet make the organizations jump through paperwork to get funds for all the wonderful work they do...I only purchased the park pass so I can ski at West Bragg on the understanding that they will receive proceeds from the money grabbing park pass...”Minions!”

2021-12-09 - comment by Jan

Thanks for this info.

2021-12-08 - comment by Thomason

At the present time, all proceeds from the Kananaskis Pass go into general revenues. Organizations such as Bragg creek trails, CMBA, Friends of Kananaskis etc. have to present detailed spending plans to the government, and apply for funding. Funding may or may not be granted depending upon the circumstances and details of the plans. It is likely BCT will be granted some money for specific uses, but other spending will be dependent on other sources such as donation, fundraising, merch sales etc.

2021-12-08 - comment by SkierRoger

Not that this provides a direct response to your good questions, but attached is a link to a very recent news article from CBC on wind-swept WBC.


2021-12-08 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

The Kananaskis and Bow Valley multiple zones required for having a Kenney Kananaskis Country entrance tax pass is really confusing and was drawn up by some stupid UCP clown who probably never has stepped into K Country. It is very spotty and this adds confusion. The best thing that could occur is a new government comes along at the next election and gets rid of the Kenney Kananaskis entrance pass tax.

Universal parks for all in Alberta should be the Alberta Advantage norm and there is nothing worse than UCP clowns taking the Alberta Advantage away from poor Albertans who have to pay more for going to Post Secondary schools, K Country and much more.

The Kenney Kananskis tax grab is an over taxing tax grab. No provincial park needs tens of millions of dollars per year to function and Kenney is overtaxing people who go there. This is no different than a government that overtaxes people and then builds huge budget surpluses. This is politically stupid as it unnecessarily sucks your wallet dry. Why should people have to pay to walk in the park or ski off trails? The communists don't even do that sort of thing.

I went to Trail Sports yesterday and I was shocked that I needed a Kenney Kananaskis entrance tax pass to go to the store. What kind of moron would affect a business like that with a stupid tax? I won't be going to Trail Sports again because of the UCP.

Make way for a smarter new government, preferably one that will legalize real democracy.

Clarification needed re funding BCT and K Country Parking Pass

Report Submitted by Jan
(trip) Date: Wednesday Dec 08, 2021

Submitted: Wednesday Dec 08, 2021


As an annual donor to Bragg Creek Trails for several years, I am unclear about the funding arrangement between the K Country Parking Pass and operations at BCT. It would help to have some clarification about what the Pass proceeds will fund at BCT and whether donations to BCT are still needed and what they will fund.


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