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2021-12-13 - comment by aqua toque

Oh, he's out there no doubt...

...but he's an anti-loginner.

2021-12-12 - comment by SteveR

Martin came to mind last week as we skied Fairview. At last year's couch site we noticed a large trampled down area. Maybe his doing? I'm guessing that his M.O. is to first pack down a site to consolidate the snow as a base, and to use later on to cut building blocks.

2021-12-12 - comment by Helen Read

I have not seen Martin yet either but he does spend alot of time at West Bragg Creek and could be helping remove trees? A beautiful photo Ernie!

MIA Report ????

Report Submitted by Ernie
(trip) Date: Sunday Dec 12, 2021

Submitted: Sunday Dec 12, 2021


Generally by this time of year there have been reports of Pine Martins frolicking in the meadows and the occasional Couch Martin Sighting scouting construction sites to enjoy while waiting (hopeful) for a cookie hand out. Has he retired to hang out with Bob?


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