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2021-12-13 - comment by Arie

Karl, I skied through Elk Pass meadows on Friday, starting from Blueberry Hill trail. I'm sure my track has been snowed in by now. Off-trail travel was easy on Friday. I saw a few older snowed-in tracks and no sign of couch-building activity. Don't bother returning via the power line. BC Hydro is busy replacing the old wooden power poles with what looks like carbon-fiber ones. Instead, when you get to the end of the meadow, just return the way you came.

2021-12-13 - comment by Karl B

Thank you for the report. I was wondering if anyone has recently been over elk pass and if a ski trail has been made through elk meadow?

Packers update

Report Submitted by JohnSwamp
(trip) Date: Sunday Dec 12, 2021

Submitted: Sunday Dec 12, 2021


John and Robin


We skied up Wheeler and found 15cm of untracked snow on Upper Pocaterra - very scenic but not expected at 3pm on a Sunday. Being late we chose to explore the effect of the new snow on Packers. Generally it was good but slow. Several of the hills were dangerous for lightly covered logs/lumps but there was no water - a bit of ice and some barely dry spots at the creeks


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