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2021-12-12 - comment by Mike W

Now that the Troll Falls trailhead parking is open again, I think it's the best place to start for Skogan via either Hay Meadows and Ruthies, or the Troll Falls trail that switchbacks directly up to the Skogan Pass trail.

High Level Trail & Skogan Pass

Report Submitted by SkierRoger
(trip) Date: Sunday Dec 12, 2021

Submitted: Sunday Dec 12, 2021


I benefitted from Jean-Francois and Mike W's recent Skogan Pass trip reports. This was my first time up Skogan and it won't be my last! Thanks gents!

I departed Calgary a bit later than planned and my arrival at the north parking lot 4 was closer to noon than expected. The temperature was a pleasant -6 degrees with no wind.

Mike W's advice on how to outmaneuver the Nakiska staff (see the first link provided above) worked like a charm. I got to the trail with no troubles at all.

Lots of light, fluffy snow but I found it a bit slow with my tele-skis.

Skogan is in good shape and skier trackset. I took the High Level route and had to break trail. Tremendous views near the top. Never quite made it to Hummingbird Plume as it was getting a bit late (better safe than sorry).

I took a page out of Mr. Democracy's book and tried a yodel before turning around (click on link 2 to have a listen). I have to admit, it does make you feel good! Thanks Mr. Democracy.

Beautiful Skogan Trail

View of Nakiska to the left

High Level Trail: had some work to do

From High Level Trail

Mike's Post


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