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2021-12-14 - comment by Helen Read

Thanks Deb and Rory for posting this. Guess it will be quite a job for Joe to work on this challenging display of fallen trees. We are looking forward to a stay at Truffled Pigs Lodge mid January and hope all trails will be ready by then. Emerald Lake is another critical situation to freeze.

Kicking Horse River Trail (Field)

Report Submitted by Deb & Rory
(trip) Date: Monday Dec 13, 2021

Submitted: Tuesday Dec 14, 2021


Deb & Rory


To the bridge the trail is groomed. Beyond that we were breaking trail and crossing over fallen trees. Snow was soft, so we were polling the whole way. We went about 5.5km down the trail until it became to impassible to go over/around the fallen trees. Came across Joe on our way back working on tree removal. Lots of fallen trees on the trail, so will be sometime until fully cleared. All other trails around Field have yet to be cleared.


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