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2021-12-27 at 08:21 - comment by SteveR

Thanks Bob, for stoking the fire. Good news this morning is a bit of an inversion- at 7 am it was a balmy -21 at Burstall Pass, and -24 at Highwood. The bad news is the -35 at Mud Lake and PLPP, and -39 at WBC.

2021-12-27 at 08:19 - comment by aqua toque

♫ ♫
Oh, the weather outside is frightful...
But the pictures on the computer are delightful...
♫ ♫



Scenic Photos from the SkierBob empire

Report Submitted by Bob Truman
(trip) Date: Sunday Dec 26, 2021

Submitted: Sunday Dec 26, 2021 at 22:50


It's too cold for most of us to go skiing but you can still look at photos and dream about what trails you'd like to be enjoying. I've collected a large number of spectacular pictures over the years. Click on the link above to see all 164 photos. I'm posting a few photos here to whet your appetite.

Link 1


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