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2022-01-07 at 10:17 - comment by Tanya K

Message passed on. Thanks.


Report Submitted by DEMOCRATIZE AB
(trip) Date: Wednesday Jan 05, 2022

Submitted: Wednesday Jan 05, 2022 at 23:32


On my last trip to Sundance Lodge up Brewster Creek, I noticed that the front left side (when looking at the front door) of the roof and deck appeared to be sloping downward somewhat or sinking. It looked like there was not proper structural support built for the beam that supports the front left roof and deck corner. The roof beam rests on the deck and thee is no support under the deck that I noticed. With the weight of all the snow this year, it is affecting the building.

I would put a piece of big firewood under the front left corner of the deck as a temporary tight support to prevent further sagging until a proper support can be made. Further sagging could cause a roof leak or worse, bring down the roof and deck corner.

If you know the Sundance lodge owner, I suggest you tell the owner to check out the lodge as soon as possible. The owner will have to cut 5 small trees to get up to the lodge on a snowmobile.

I hope the owner will have the courtesy to trackset the trail for being informed of the structural problem with the lodge.


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