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2022-01-17 at 10:59 - comment by Sara M

Democracy- She definitely was not having fun on that section! But the trip was her idea, so she only has herself to blame :)
Good to hear about Brewster, I'll add it to the list. More places to ski than I have days off...

2022-01-16 at 20:42 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

Wow Sara,

I could not imagine your friend skiing down Assiniboine Pass on skinny race skis with skinny race boots! Last spring I blew out the screws on my one of my NNNBC bindings skiing down Assiniboine Pass on my old school Rossignol BC59 skis.

Hey, Brewster Creek has apparently been snowmobile packed. I will try to break some trail for you 2 so you can race up beyond the Sundance Warden cabin to Halfway Lodge below Allenby Pass. If my backpacking memory is any good, that should add about another 6 km or so for you to "M"aster.

Assiniboine Pass

Report Submitted by Sara M
(trip) Date: Sunday Jan 16, 2022

Submitted: Sunday Jan 16, 2022 at 19:56


Me and Emma


Emma and I put a track up to Assiniboine Pass today. After skiing the excellent-condition Watridge Lake trail, we followed skier-set track to the Big Springs campground. The tracks ended here, but breaking trail up the valley was surprisingly easy! The base beneath 10-20cm of fresh snow is super solid. I was on LT skis and Emma was on race skis, and I had no advantage until Allenby junction where the snow was a bit deeper. We lost the trail around the Allenby campground and followed the creek for a bit until we intersected the horse trail and followed that to the pass. Once we started climbing to the pass, my skis were much more effective than Emma's. I had a nice time while she struggled! We descended a bit down the other side of the pass to get some moody views, then began our journey home. Again, my skis were better skiing down the pass but once we were back on the flats, Emma's skis were faster. The trail is broken now, get after it!

one of those scenes that is hard to capture with a phone camera... moody lighting on the mountains

the clouds lifted a bit more as soon as we left the meadow


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