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2022-01-17 at 19:36 - comment by Chuck

Great report Greg,
Obviously, you now have no excuse but to encourage and maybe show Helen Read how to attach photos to her reports!

2022-01-17 at 19:06 - comment by SkierRoger

Thanks for your trip report, Greg.

Looking for many more to come!

Winter Wonderland in Pipestone

Report Submitted by Greg Roy
(trip) Date: Monday Jan 17, 2022

Submitted: Monday Jan 17, 2022 at 17:07


Just me


Had a wonderful day on the Pipestone trails near Lake Louise. It was -2 when I arrived at 11:30 and there had been 2-3 inches of snow overnight and early morning. Flurries continued most of the day making for a lovely soft, quiet ski through the forest.

Headed counter clockwise up the #20, paralleling the Pipestone river. Back via Merlin and over to Hector. The snow tended to clump / ice up a little and some scraping was in order to maximize gliding on the way back :). About zero degrees at 2 PM.

Thanks to Helen for her words of encouragement. I now have a login, so there will be few (valid) excuses for not posting in the future!

Pipestone Skiing


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