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2022-01-25 at 08:44 - comment by Gord F

To reply to your question: We went in via Bow Hut route. Bow Lake and canyon are in good shape, some open water in the canyon but no big deal. Otherwise straightforward with stiff winds and a 85% whiteout for the trip in. Frequent compass checks necessary. There's one new complication on the descent to Peyto Hut from the terminus of the Mt Thompson ramp, (if you're familiar with the area) where a new rib of rock is exposed and it's easy to get confused because normally you want to keep the rock features on your right. Now this rock rib is on your left as you descend.

2022-01-25 at 07:16 - comment by Ulrikeski

Hi Gord: Great photos from the Wapta. How was the access to the Peyto Hut?

2022-01-23 at 22:08 - comment by SkierRoger

Just lovely, Gord!

Thanks for the trip report

2022-01-23 at 21:26 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

Sweet glacier snow pics. Got any night shots? Above tree line is great for moon light skiing shots. These Rocky Mountain high pics are a real nice eye candy change from the regular bottom valley pics. Thanks.

Wapta Ice field is in Banff so your report must be worthy for Skier Roger trip reports, particularly if you are on fat or skinny xc skis. Don't be concerned about that when you shoot pics like the ones you posted.

If the ACC Huts are not available in spring, make your own, like the true north and strong Canadians do- build an igloo. Perfect snow up there for that judging by the photos. Either that or carve out a snow cave. They are toasty to sleep in and there is no worry about ACC reservations.

North Wapta

Report Submitted by Gord F
(trip) Date: Sunday Jan 23, 2022

Submitted: Sunday Jan 23, 2022 at 20:29


Group of Five


Not exactly in the Skier Rodger Empire but perhaps some may be interested. Our group of 5 spent 4 days skiing out of the Peyto Hut on the Wapta Icefield this past weekend. January is not our preferred month for a trip like this, but it's not possible to do this trip in the spring as the ACC has changed how huts can be accessed. We were fortunate to hit a good weather window with highs around -8º with vicious winds. The travelling was easy on wind-hammered snow and most of the smaller crevasses were well bridged.
This is a very beautiful, but inhospitable place in January and we felt very fortunate to be able to get a few days up there in relative comfort


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