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2022-02-15 at 20:34 - comment by Helen Read

Thank you so much Carl for bringing my reading glasses back to CNC. Gwen called me today and I picked them up tonight, 15th. Had a short ski testing out some demo Madshus M 50 skin skis 187 cms c metal edges. "Almost" full moon popped out a few times. Cookie reward awaits you.

2022-02-09 at 21:59 - comment by Carl P

Helen - I’ll drop your glasses at the reception at the Canmore Nordic centre tomorrow morning. Carl.

2022-02-09 at 20:40 - comment by Helen Read

Thanks Carl. It was me sitting on the couch enjoying the cosy "camp-like" atmosphere. Wish I had brought MaSid some marshmallows today. Anyways, these glasses are readers +2.5 and it might be hard to connect them back to me, since I live in Canmore. Always handy to have an extra pr of readers in the glove box, so suit yourself, if you know anyone who can use them or if you live locally, I can pick them up. Thanks again! GREAT website Roger!

East Elk Pass - glasses found

Report Submitted by Carl P
(trip) Date: Wednesday Feb 09, 2022

Submitted: Wednesday Feb 09, 2022 at 20:02


Carl & Rosie


Found a pair of glasses at East Elk Pass couch today. Please let me know if they’re yours! We continued on to the West Elk Pass via the ‘high level’ route. Found lots of sticky snow and the descent down Elk Pass trail resembled bomb alley from the many snow bombs from trees and the snow banks.


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