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2022-02-11 at 23:23 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

The ski races are next week-end not this weeke-end. Men's 50 km xc ski race 10 pm Feb. 18
Women;s 30 km xc ski race 10:30pm Feb. 19

Hello Cindi,

Envoironment Canada use to do air quality monitoring in Calgary until the Liberal Prime Minister Chretien cut the monitoring budget completely. Calgary in 1995 had the worst air quality out of all cities in Canada, according to Statistics Canada. Now the records are not kept by the feds. The pollution can make the snow we ski on rather dirty, not to mention the lungs.

I like your idea of citizen air quality monitoring. A fair number of years ago there was a controversy over the height of the Provincial air quality monitors being about 14 feet above the ground. I don't know if it was reduced. There also is not enough air quality monitors. Only 3 in Calgary and they apparently are not close to major roads.

Getting rid of gas and diesel vehicles in the city is important for all to breathe safe air. Clean air is needed for to build good strong ski lungs in kids.

The further east you go in Calgary, the worse the air pollution when the winds blow from the west. I see how ugly it is on some days. When the wind blows from the east, Calgary's air pollution gets pushed up against the mountains, polluting the snow and air skiers breathe in places like Bragg Creek. The fall out from Calgary's pollution travels great distances and even falls out at the xc ski trails in Strathmore and much further beyond.

I asked Calgary's TV media to put up air pollution reports during the weather forecasts, but they refused. The media is hugely supported by the gas pig auto industry and they don't want to offend these companies or risk advertising dollars. The media that gets big corporate advertisers is highly biased in order to protect profits and they do not provide the service the people really need.

2022-02-11 at 15:38 - comment by Cyndi

I have to admit, living in the SE part of Calgary it seems we have our fair (or not so fair) share of air pollution. I know the GOA has a couple of air quality monitors in Calgary. It would be nice if there were more. Some days the particulate matter seems so thick, I can choke on it too. I know some jurisdictions have citizen led air monitoring programs or perhaps we can convince the City of Calgary to set up air quality monitoring. I'm not sure how those skiers are doing it in China right now....Go CANADA!!!


Report Submitted by DEMOCRATIZE AB
(trip) Date: Thursday Feb 10, 2022

Submitted: Thursday Feb 10, 2022 at 22:08




While watching some of the downhill races at the Beijing Olympics, I was astonished that the air quality looked nearly as bad as the air quality in British Columbia Valleys during clear cut burn season or like Kelowna on a winter day. It looked like major smog where the mountains were not well visible in the distance. It was a shame not to see clear mountain scenery at the Chinese Olympics during many of the races. The ski courses are spectacular though and different from anything else in the world and it was a pleasure to see those slopes when I had the opportunity.

The women today where not skiing well in the giant slalom race likely due to the human race pollution in the air that greatly affects a person's ability to function and think clearly. Pollution greatly drags down everyone's performance. It also reduces a skier's IQ and ability to think fast. What the human race does to the air is really stupid. Stupid is is what stupid does.

I hope to be back from night skiing early as on CBC at 10 pm Friday the 50km men's cross country ski race will occur and it will be a brutal challenge for the skiers sucking on the human race's excessive pollution if the weather conditions don't push out the dirty air. The man that wins that race will need the mother of all lungs to find some oxygen to breathe- either that or have some special Olympic pollution countering lung drugs. It will make the race much more challenging to suck all that particulate in and it will make the skiers hurt much more.

When I ski in Calgary, I can feel the grit in the air with every breath I take in and that hurts even when I am not skiing hard like a racer- although the old heart may be pumping like one. I look forward to the day when gasoline and diesel vehicles are replaced by electric or green hydrogen vehicles that don't put toxic crap in the air we breathe. Life will be much faster and enjoyable on skis then, particularly in Calgary and in China.

The women XC ski racers will have the opportunity to damage their lungs at the Beijing Olympics in the 30 km race at 10:30 pm on CBC for your Saturday evening viewing pleasure. After seeing so many women collapse after one of the biathlon races earlier in the week, perhaps the pollution had something to do with that- at least in part.

Make way for cleaner air for skiers to breathe at the Olympics or in your back yard. I have seen skiers in Tesla's so if you can afford one buy one for cleaner air. If you have extra cash burning a hole in you wallet, buy me one too! I want to get up skiing faster and there is no faster car than an electric car on the ski roads.

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