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2022-02-13 at 07:32 - comment by SugarDog

Thanks for the great idea Mr. D, but at my age I’d be just an appetizer for those howling wolves.

I’ll stick to chasing bunnies in the park!

2022-02-12 at 21:54 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB


If you would have gone a little further past the Spray River Bridge and take the trail to the left, you could go visit some of your free roaming wolf relatives further up the Spray River. You could have a howling good time with them. I know I have. They may even share a fresh moose meal with you. What a doggy treat that would be! There is always next time little dooggy. Maybe bring a dog sled to haul the skier with you back home in case he/she gets too tired after some good howling skiing fun. Best to go late in spring when the snow is hard. That way you won't get so much snow in your paws and you will use far less energy. Don't forget the dog photos.

Taming the Shark

Report Submitted by SugarDog
(trip) Date: Saturday Feb 12, 2022

Submitted: Saturday Feb 12, 2022 at 19:13


SkierRoger and Me


My Master was happy to see RainerA’s post last night about the great conditions at Mt Shark, and I was excited to be invited along for today’s adventure.

We arrived at a nearly full parking lot just in time for my mid-morning snack. The temperature was a very pleasant -3 degrees. We took paws to take in the beautiful views before heading out. We began with V30 Blue wax but due to the somewhat icy conditions, we quickly moved to GS Red, which was the cat’s meow!

We skied to Bryant Creek, then to Watridge Lake on our way back.

We met a number of well-behaved dogs and many happy humans today and enjoyed our visit with John. My 13 year old body struggled to keep up at times, but I’d definitely do it all again. Apologies to Cocoa, my sister who is definitely too old to bring along.

Good snow coverage throughout. The trails were best in the inner loops with some pine needles beyond Watridge Lake.

Just a Lovely View

Me, Sugar!
Happy as ever

More white stuff

Great Mountains

Watridge Lake

A very tired dog, ready for a nap


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