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2022-02-17 at 21:29 - comment by Arie

Encouraged by Ray's report I decided to try WBC today (Thursday). Already +4C at 7:30 am, and +7C to finish. I waxed violet, which worked quite well although I had some sticking issues when the sun came out.
Some notes:
Underneath the new snow is old hardpack, glazed snow, refrozen slush, grass, roots, and rocks, depending on where you are. Most of the main loops are in good shape with a few thin spots here and there.
Moose Loop is thin for a few hundred m near Telephone junction.
There is a bare patch on Mountain View which requires a 100 m hike.
There is a small ice flow on Mountain View West that is easily navigated.
There is a bigger iceflow on Iron Springs just past Dead End junction, near the bridge. I managed to ski around it without taking my skis off.
Loggers is in really nice shape, as is Elbow. In all the skiing was surprisingly good given the heat.

West Bragg Creek - Fair to ok

Report Submitted by Ray Yong
(trip) Date: Wednesday Feb 16, 2022

Submitted: Wednesday Feb 16, 2022 at 16:41


I have to admit, I do admire what the groomers at Bragg are able to do with the trifling amounts of snow we've been getting. Skied on West Crystal Line (lower and upper), Moose Connector, Mountain Road, part of Mountain View West, and Mountain View. All trails are groomed and have a solid, ice base that comes through fairly often in the tracksets, but there's sufficient coverage to jump out of the tracks if needed.

Mountain View West was groomed but not trackset - not enough snow for tracking, but it's just fine for skiing on.

Mountain View - plenty of snow on the south side, but the steeper north side is pretty bare, with soil and grass showing through. There's another short area that's also pretty bare.

All the other trails were groomed and trackset. A little slippy, but just fine if you're willing to just enjoy what there is. Packed down, there's only a few cm of coverage over the ice base, but that's enough.


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