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2022-02-19 at 18:57 - comment by JeffG

Yes, Helen, skins can really help in most warm conditions. On dry icy conditions, they are super. I only use my wax skis for blue wax days and colder. Today we used our fish scales on Pocaterra to Whisky Jack. They worked perfectly. Sorry we missed you. See Sam’s report.

2022-02-18 at 22:05 - comment by Helen Read

Ray, I love your expression, "with just the occasional stickiness that threatened to pull you out of your boots." I was struggling at PLPP lower trails today, waxing with VR 50. Got to find some skin skis, because think these temps are the new norm. Doubt Yoho Valley Road will get tracked this season, because it was not a part of the Yoho Challenge.

Kicking Horse Trail - Happiness is fresh track setting...

Report Submitted by Ray Yong
(trip) Date: Friday Feb 18, 2022

Submitted: Friday Feb 18, 2022 at 21:09


Skied the Kicking Horse Trail in Yoho this afternoon. Temp was +4 under cloudy skies at 1300, the occasional flurry, and very light winds. Trail had just been trackset, so conditions were perfect (well, when using waxless and skin skies, anyways). Snow was wet and crunchy, with just the occasional stickiness that threatened to pull you out of your boots.

Track setting is strong and not going anywhere. Could have stopped to build a snowman anywhere along the trail - snow was perfect for that. If temperatures drop below zero the trail may be a little slick, but right now it's just great. I do love the work the Kicking Horse Ski Club does on the trails, and I hope Parks Canada does just as good a job next year.

Also stopped by to take a look at Yoho Valley Road. Didn't ski it, but it looks like it's ungroomed/untrack set, with a few cm of wet snow over skidoo compacting.


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