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2022-02-19 at 15:51 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

These Frenchmen came from the great land of Rossignol Skis and they were on snowshoes- this is blasphemy!

I can only imagine they wished they knew how to ski rather than painfully dragging snowshoes through the snow burning up huge amounts of energy going hardly anywhere. In some places they left some pretty good holes- falling through the skier tracked trail.

When will the snowshoers learn that skis rule?

2022-02-19 at 09:18 - comment by Chuck

I met those snowshoers during my trip to the Horse Camp. They were returning from FIVE days out camping!
No wonder they were able to get that far, beyond Stoney Creek. I turned west towards our Elk Pass.
They were a very happy pair from France.

I took this photo of them by their last fire... sorry for the heat waves!

2022-02-19 at 08:19 - comment by Helen Read

I cannot imagine anyone snowshoeing that distance from Minnewanka. Am guessing they skied to the Stoney Cabin and put on SS's there. That would be one very long snowshoe. Or they had access to the cabin for an overnight?


Report Submitted by DEMOCRATIZE AB
(trip) Date: Friday Feb 18, 2022

Submitted: Friday Feb 18, 2022 at 23:43


Mr. Legalize Real Democracy on single camber skis


Great trackset skiing on the Cascade Trail. Generally moderately fast skiing and fast skiing from the Cascade Bridge to Stoney Creek. Some skate skier damage to the trail in places. Swix V40 wax worked well for grip and glide. There was a little very light snow falling when I got back to the parking lot after 9:00 pm.

From Stoney Creek to about 2 km beyond, the trail was pummeled by snowshoers. Beyond the snowshoer damage, the ski trail was somewhat filled with wet sticky snow. My skis clumped up fully on the bottoms with up to 6" of snow at times. Somewhat slow skiing. With the wet snow I decided to stop at Elk Trap and skied back after the sun went down. This allowed the snow to set up and the ski trail going back was much faster with no sticky snow.

At Stoney Creek cabin, the temperature was +3C at about 7:30pm.


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