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2022-03-05 at 22:14 - comment by Kinga

Bob, your trip report summarizes things well! I, too, really enjoy the trails and scenery in this area; it's a nice contrast to others and good to take advantage when conditions are good. I started out close to 1pm and did most of the south and north trails. South trails definitely in better shape snow- and foot traffic-wise. I was disappointed to see a lot of the north tracks so quickly obliterated, which also made for challenging braking on some downhill sections. Otherwise, really beautiful throughout.

Sandy McNabb

Report Submitted by Bob Truman
(trip) Date: Saturday Mar 05, 2022

Submitted: Saturday Mar 05, 2022 at 18:28


Me, hikers, horses


Being able to ski here on cold snow, with recent grooming, and nice weather, well, I feel like I stole one. Sandy McNabb is a beautiful place to ski and offers scenery that you don't get anywhere else in the SkierRoger domain.

I was the second car in the parking lot and had pristine conditions on the new tracksetting on the north side trails. It doesn't take long, however, for the trails to get trashed by hikers. Horses also joined in the fun today. There were no walkers on the south side trails(Loggers Loop) which also had better snow coverage.

The air temperature was -7 and the snow was -5. I had success with VR45(-2/-8). There are numerous thin spots on the north side trails with dirt and rocks poking through - spoiler alert - if you see a large tree canopy overhanging the trail, odds are that the snow will be thin underneath.

There was pretty good coverage on Loggers Loop but still a few thin spots which were easy to avoid. Loggers is reasonably flat, so you're not going fast when you encounter a thin spot, unlike the north side which has numerous hills.

This area is expected to get some snow on Monday and Tuesday, followed by colder temperatures. I hope they groom it again.

Long Prairie Loop at 10 a.m. and again at 12 noon

Macabee Connector

Loggers Loop on the south side

Skiers heading up to the Pine Ridge viewpoint

Equestrians trashed the Macabee Loop.

Mika is a Karelian bear dog. The Sandy McNabb trails are dog friendly, and some of them are off-leash.


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