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2022-03-10 at 06:37 - comment by SkierRoger

Great report Bob!

Very nice to see good snow conditions still exist so close to Calgary.

Not one freakin' herringbone to Skogan Pass summit

Report Submitted by Bob Truman
(trip) Date: Wednesday Mar 09, 2022

Submitted: Wednesday Mar 09, 2022 at 21:41


It's getting late in the ski season and there are still a few trails I haven't done. With Skogan Pass being trackset last night, I figured it was time.

The temperature was -13 when I arrived at the Troll Falls parking lot in early afternoon. The new tracksetting already had 1-2 cm of new snow which slowed me down a bit, but also made for easy climbing and Winter Wonderland scenery(the old WW warhorse comes back to life one more time).

I started out on Hay Meadows and talked to the guys who were watching for migrating eagles. They've been there since March 1 and have only counted eight birds, but it's early season for them.

There was a skier ahead of me breaking trail, but he did side trips to Hummingbird Plume and the Skogan Loop, so I had to take my turn in the fresh snow a couple times.

As always, the Screamer was great fun on the descent. Even Lower Skogan had excellent coverage and no ice flows. The recent grooming, sunny skies, and the cold, clean snow made for a memorable day.

It's rare to catch a tree bomb in mid flight.

The view from the summit. You can see Canmore in the distance.

The top of the Screamer.

Skogan Pass at Marmot junction.

Watching for migrating eagles along the Hay Meadows trail.

Skogan Pass


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