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Spring Crust in Paradise Valley

Report Submitted by ulrikeski
(trip) Date: Saturday Apr 22, 2023

Submitted: Saturday Apr 22, 2023 at 16:41


Me and my 2 ski buddies


Thanks to yesterday's trip report we toured up Paradise Valley today. Had just enough grip with purple wax to climb up the trail on a mix of crusty and soft snow. Glad to have cloud cover until the 2nd bridge to keep the snow cool for traction. The crust was supportive enough to wander off the trail, with some minimal breaking in. We enjoyed our sunny lunch spot at the Lake Anette bridge. Only met 2 other skiers on our way back. Decided to ski out the creek on the crust. It was fun and worked quite well. Snow was very wet and slushy on MLR when we finished just after 2pm.

Majestic Mt.Temple

scenic lunch spot

fun travel out Paradise Creek

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2023-04-22 at 16:54 - comment by Diana Piggott

Sweet! Looks like ideal backcountry travel conditions :-)

2023-04-22 at 17:28 - comment by Chuck

Well done Ulrike,
Glad you got well past that second bridge and all the way to the Lake Annette bridge.
I wonder if there were any tracks continuing towards the Giant Steps. When I went earlier this season, they ended up on the north (wrong) side of the creek before the avalanche paths.

2023-04-22 at 19:54 - comment by ulrikeski

Hi Chuck: didn't see any tracks continuing towards the Giant Steps. Saw an older track heading up to Lake Annette.

2023-04-22 at 21:05 - comment by Chuck

Thanks, and I'm so glad you were able to enjoy that sun crust snow condition down Paradise Creek, for a shortcut back to the MLR.

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