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Great to see the Canmore FIS races on Youtube

Report Submitted by HenryL
(trip) Date: Saturday Feb 10, 2024

Submitted: Saturday Feb 10, 2024 at 15:59


I discovered live streaming of the Canmore races on Youtube.
Great weather today, with awesome views of Diggins and Klaebo!
I looked for Chuck and his camera but I suspect he had a secret photo location all to himself.

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2024-02-10 at 21:26 - comment by Chuck

Thanks Henry,
While yes, I was there, better to watch this video than see my photos:

2024-02-11 at 08:28 - comment by HenryL

Yeah Chuck, the video coverage is excellent. It shows off the nordic centre and environs so well, especially when the sun is out.
I see that they have also done a great job on Youtube of presenting short highlight reels as well.

2024-02-11 at 08:37 - comment by Helen Read

Thanks Henry, that sure got my adrenalin pumping sipping my morning coffee!!! Minute 50-60 is approx last lap of Women's.

2024-02-11 at 16:20 - comment by HenryL

Helen, be careful with your use of adrenalin. You want to hit your 1000km mark with lots of energy to spare this year.

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