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2023-01-11 at 19:23 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

Hi Helen,

That is too bad the snow was not great up Brewster Creek. I guess the snow became to faceted/ cold affected to make a good base when the snowmobiles finally made their way up the trail recently. If the snowmobiles would have gone in earlier in the season when the snow had some good moisture before the extreme cold, the snowmobiles would have made much better base and the skiing would likely be better.

The skiing on the Brewster trail before the snowmobiles packed it was very good. I knew the conditions would worsen somewhat when they snowmobile packed the trail due to the cold sugary snow.

Timing is important when packing snow to make a good base. Sticky wet snow will adhere to rocks were faceted cold sugary snow will not. The extreme cold will even affect the skiers tracks that existed on the trail, weakening them, then the snowmobiles can break through such trails easier. I would imagine the snowmobiles pulled some rock up to the surface, through the cold sugary snow as well, when they hit the ground.

2023-01-11 at 19:13 - comment by SkierRoger

Sorry to hear about the bad trip, Helen. I take some responsibility for not being more critical in my recent reporting of this area.

That first part is certainly not great. We too had to walk over the dirty snow that paralleled the highway.

Anyone heading to Sundance Lodge might prefer hiking boots and grippers!

Report Submitted by Helen Read
(trip) Date: Wednesday Jan 11, 2023

Submitted: Wednesday Jan 11, 2023 at 18:49


Just me, lured with optimism for better conditions.


-12 at 8:40 this morning, starting out at Healy Creek. Initial walking is the best way to proceed, over the rocks and debris from the plows. I also passed two snowmobiles coming from Sundance Lodge/Brewster Creek while I was still on Healy Creek before cut off. I persevered climbing over the "snowmobile packing" of the trail but found it a tough go. My poles hit the ground quite often and there were several rocks still partially showing. While I had hoped to make it to the junction with Mr Democracy's usual route up, it was probably another km away. Did a slow snowplow down and felt rather disappointed as this ski can be so much fun in abundant snow. It warmed to -8. Skins would be advised but better just to hike up c grippers if the top part is as hard as the lower part.

Total distance: 11.00 Km


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